Xining City Bureau of justice community corrections work to strengthen the three projects

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice to the community correction as an important work to deepen social management innovation, in specific work, strengthen the three projects".

to strengthen the rectification work force engineering". In 2011 after the change, timely to the District, town (street) and village (community) correction mechanism was improved for the 7 judicial institute is equipped with 1 community correction workers, 1 community correction work of volunteers, set up the community correction team, held in the community correction work of business training, to ensure that the work of the in order to carry out.

strengthening the mechanism of convergence and cooperation". To hold the community correction work leading group meeting, members of the community correction unit joint, specific issues seminars and other forms, strengthen the community correction work report. The formation of the judicial administrative department in charge of relevant departments, township (street) to catch, catch, village (community) to help the working mechanism of the catch.

strengthen the grid into the four project". With the community correction measures for the classified management, the community correction personnel into the community grid management system, in the social management grid, implement the responsibility, education, package package talk packages, contact visits to master, education supervision responsibility to the people. (author:


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