5300 people with disabilities will receive rehabilitation services

March 19th, the municipal government operations (enlarged) conference, summed up in 2014 the city’s disabled work, work arrangements in 2015 task. Vice mayor, city operations director Jin Jiuchen attended and made a speech. Reporters learned from the meeting, in 2015, the city will have 5300 disabled rehabilitation services, 1500 have the ability to work and employment requirements of the disabled will get the occupation skills and practical technical training, employment, re employment of persons with disabilities 400.

to 2015 the work of persons with disabilities, meeting the requirements of the city at all levels of government operations to unify thinking, strengthen the work sense of responsibility and mission, to achieve clear requirements, as the city’s new work for disabled persons in the new starting point. Each member of the unit to strengthen coordination and cooperation, the development of the cause of the disabled need and the functions of the Department combine carefully to complete the tasks of disabled social security system and service system construction undertaken, actively provide life insurance for persons with disabilities, medical rehabilitation, education, poverty alleviation and employment rights and other services, and create a better environment and conditions their equal participation in social life. At the same time, to focus on basic, to ensure the basic living of poor people, to make up the short board, to provide basic public services for the disabled, embody new ideas and promote people with disabilities and their families’ income, and constantly improve the mechanism, the cause of the disabled to do the "three bases" work, mobilize social forces, strive to create a new situation in the cause of the disabled.


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