Municipal Bureau of human resources and social work to further improve the work improve the transpa

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and the 15 successful training institutions signed the purchase of the contract this year, the second batch of training, so far, this year has been successfully trained bidding for 7490 people

recently, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and the success of the 15 training institutions signed this year, the second batch of training procurement contract, so far, this year has been successfully training and bidding for 7490 people.

in order to further standardize the work skills training, and play the effective use of finances, improve their employment ability, according to the market demand, the city and Social Council commissioned by the Xining municipal government procurement center for all kinds of social occupation occupation colleges and training institutions, in accordance with the "market orientation, reasonable orientation, training management, resource sharing, complementary functional separation" and the "open, fair and just principle, to further improve the bidding system, through the occupation skills training institutions bidding to determine the teaching standard, perfect facilities, high quality training, employment effect is good, high social acceptance, as designated institutions assume the urban and rural labor employment training tasks, and released to the community, to ensure the training the orderly. Since this year, take public bidding, bid evaluation, free and democratic way of calibration, the first phase of 19 types according to the employment needs of 3240 people by bidding, signed a purchase contract with the 9 training institutions bid; training second to 26 types of 4250 people bidding, has signed a contract of purchase with 15 successful training institutions. This approach effectively improves the transparency of training. At the same time for training institutions to participate in the bidding for the implementation of dynamic management, clean up the training institutions to rectify the failure in time, give full play to the basic role of occupation training to promote employment, promote the development of occupation training work.



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