Once in Golog research emphasized to consolidate the results to enhance the level of creating banma

9 month 21 days to 27 days, the provincial Party committee, Minister of the United Front Department to Dan Jigzhi County, banma County, to carry out research on the management and application of the "temple banma experience".

Dan branch line depth Jigzhi County de Helong temple, Baiyu temple and banma County know Qin temple, discussion and religious exchanges, stressed the need to continue to maintain a good working situation, to further promote the temple management standardized operation, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, with the support of the Party committee and government management, take the initiative to reduce the masses of believers the burden of religion, constructing harmonious religious relations, to safeguard national unity, strengthen national unity and make new contributions.

in banma County, Dan Branch around the application of "banma experience", through seminars, visits, interviews and other forms of state, county and township leaders, cadres and the masses, "Sanlao" and extensive exchanges, understanding of the situation. Once the Department pointed out that the focus on remediation 3 years, banma the society, urban and rural areas, the external image and mental state of the cadres and the masses have undergone great changes, showed a closer relationship between cadres and the masses and the national unity of social security, improve the new weather, the construction of the rule of law results, better infrastructure, strengthen grassroots power and ideology guide highlights the quality of education, enhance the management of the temple to see the effectiveness of; to consolidate and utilize centralized rectification results, grasp the key link, to enhance the level of work, and strive to create "banma experience" upgrade.

During the period of

, Dan and his party went to the surrounding provinces and counties, and investigated the social stability and temple management in the junction area of Qingchuan and Gansu province.


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