An open tea market it

speaking of tea, in addition to a variety of tea shops, in many people’s minds, what emerges is probably a variety of tea, tea, tea etc.. Today, Xiaobian this opportunity is open tea. Then, an open tea market? Modern work pressure, fast-paced life, as a kind of psychological guide cheap, outdoor cafes with the characteristics of comfort, comfortable, meet the people in the grade of leisure on demand. Therefore, its market prospects are quite promising.

open a sidewalk cafes to the site? Can choose a suitable location, related to the success or failure of investment in tea. In general, at least should pay attention to the site: a site to have a certain flow of people, must not be greedy for static "wrong choice of cold area; two is due to open tea shop, so don’t get too close to residential areas, so as to avoid disturbing the rest; the three is around to have a certain parking space, in order to attract has the strong consumption capacity of the drivers is around four; green better, give a person a kind of comfortable, cool air and fresh feeling.

can open a sidewalk cafe business what? In the scope of business, in addition to tea based, but also with beer, snacks, baking food, etc.. The charges are reasonable, pay attention to the food and service quality, good atmosphere of tea are the key to win customer recognition.

in the herbal tea, you can move a lot of brains, make a point to. Today people pay attention to eating green health, has the health care function of herbal tea, cater to the consumer advocate healthy mentality, make full use of folk herbal refreshing heat effect, Chinese herbal medicine infused this unilateral or complex taste of herbal tea should have a brilliant future.

"health tea" can be prepared according to different taste and function of Chinese herbal medicine in China many edible, medicinal experts as consultants to employ the relevant guidance, selection of relatively inexpensive and nutritious familiar favorite herbs, such as the commonly used white chrysanthemum, wolfberry fruit, cassia seed, malt, mint, barley, mung bean, lily, tangerine peel, tender mulberry bud, lotus core, lantern head grass, honeysuckle, ginseng flower bud, fresh reed rhizome, sandalwood olive, composed of several sets of different flavors of "health tea".

from the current market demand situation, such a business is undoubtedly a good market space, as long as the proper operation, to create greater profits for the operator will not be a big problem. Of course, whether it is the site, or the operation of the product, we need to do a good job, so as to ensure that the latter part of the business booming development. So, if you start, you will choose to open a sidewalk cafe?

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