City housing security and the Housing Authority in the first half of 2012 the completion of the obj

City Federation of trade unions in the first half of 2012 to work in our Bureau

Federation of trade unions in the first half of 2012 to work in our bureau

target completion and the grassroots, ground gas, do things to carry out the activities of the inspection and supervision


in 2012 to further promote trade unions work smoothly, fully implement the union target responsibility, carry out the "grassroots, down to earth, do practical activities, in July 31st, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions steering group to carry out an inspection of my bureau in the first half of the union to carry out the work of key.

check in, first by the president of my bureau from the union organization construction, democratic management, rights protection, economic, financial and technical education to the arts steering group made a brief report. Then, with the chairman of the steering group I Bureau of trade unions and the board units of trade unions for the work of the existing problems and difficulties are discussed AC. Steering group on the first half of the work of the trade union in my bureau affirmed, and the shortcomings and weaknesses in the work made comments and suggestions. In the second half of the trade union work closely around the work objectives set out at the beginning of the year, and earnestly fulfill the functions of trade unions, the grass-roots trade unions should be based on the actual situation, according to the different nature of the work, to carry out various types of training. It is pointed out that in 2012 the collective wage negotiation norms, this work is the annual focus of trade union work, the wage agreement must pass the employee or employees’ assembly ballot by, in order to effectively protect workers’ right to information, participation, expression and supervision right, protect the democratic rights of workers.

through the union supervision and inspection, a deeper understanding of the shortcomings of my bureau and the board of trade unions in the first half of the work of trade unions and weak links, work for the second half of the year have a more clear understanding, for the second half of the work carried out smoothly pointed out the effort direction. Next, the Bureau of trade unions will be under the leadership of the Federation of trade unions and help, conscientiously complete the objectives and tasks of the trade unions, lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of the overall work of the masses.


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