Xining City Mo street trade and industry playing fake Paul brand see results

The City District of Xining city

Mo Street business recently examined within the jurisdiction of the Great Smoky Hotel, counterfeit and shoddy goods behavior, and effectively protect the national well-known trademarks and provincial famous trademarks.

in order to further rectify and standardize the market economic order, to increase the protection of the right to use the famous trademark, Mo Street industrial and commercial administration of the area within the smoke of the hotel carried out inspections. According to the characteristics of behavior and the sale of counterfeit goods continue to transform, Mo street and the deployment of 3 inspection teams, 9 law enforcement officers, working overtime to carry out audits on the area of 71 Road, Shi Po Street, Garden Street, South Gate Street View and other establishments, the inspection found to have suspected of selling counterfeit the behavior of households, to detain the suspected counterfeit "Moutai" 7 bottles of wine, "blue classic" the Yanghe River 8 bottles of wine. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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