Ten yuan Tradition activities and you meet

Tulip, peony, Begonia, rose, sunflower, chrysanthemum, in order to bloom. People happy smiling face in the flowers, pleasant! Through many years of brewing and held municipal park. All activities have become Xining city public recognition of the high brand activities. Our park is the city of the reception hall, Qinghai culture and highlight the window, with the city, successfully created a national forest city, green has become the main tone of our city, in accordance with the municipal government to the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness concept, city forestry bureau, city park management center actively innovation, development ideas, a number of public entertainment activities identified as municipal park. All activities, and according to the actual situation and the needs of the public to be updated every year. In 2016 the city will launch the ice and Snow Festival, peony flower show, Ornamental Sunflower exhibition, Jin Qiuju exhibition 10 tastes of the garden tradition activities. At the same time, I hope the general public to send a letter to the letter, make suggestions, let us work together to do a better job.The

, venue: Nanshan ParkThe activity time: December 24, 2015

, wonderful show: the theme of "enjoy the snow mountains Nanshan Nanshan park the first snow art festival opened in 2015 Christmas day, the winter cold and warm up in Xining because it. In order to highlight the charm of ice and snow activities, reproducing snow customs as the main content, carry out the snow art sculpture in Nanshan Park production, lighting suspension, family travel and snow skiing show, theatrical performances, micro photography ice art exhibition and other activities, show the charm of Plateau snow. By creating a strong atmosphere of the festival, the ice and Snow Festival into a set to participate in the experience, art appreciation, scientific and technological innovation in one of the ice and snow event.

, held at the people’s Park.

, activity time: February 1st -2 month 22 days

, wonderful show "with friends, goods fair flavor", from the year fifteen, we can see with his family to the fair folk snacks, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival performance, skating, view…… Here will be presented to the public a traditional year full of flavor of the spring festival. During the Spring Festival in 2016, the people’s Park will host the third session of the Xining Spring Festival temple, this temple will fusion characteristics of Qinghai folk culture and the Xining region, ethnic characteristics, folk performances, traditional food culture, arts and crafts exhibition and festival trade activities combine to give a drama festival for the masses.

, held at the people’s Park.

, activity time: late April -5 month

, wonderful show here is not Holland, here is the Qinghai Xining! Every spring the tulip exhibition in the people’s Park has become a famous brand in our city! This year "51" period,;

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