Xining primary and secondary school teachers on the ring than the teaching skills

in order to improve the quality of education and teaching, to guide teachers to improve their professional level, teaching "the arena" Saikaisai teacher education in primary and secondary schools in Xining for 4 months. The next time, including three primary and secondary schools in four counties in Chinese, mathematics, English and physics teachers in all disciplines and occupation school culture courses and professional courses in teaching, teaching and teaching design to compete. Teachers’ post training to carry out the Education Bureau of Xining City, set up the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, first from May 4th to June 10th, in the school campus. The semi-finals by the newly established Xining teaching and research alliance is responsible for teaching and research alliance will be in strict accordance with the selection criteria and the content of teachers to participate in the semi-finals, semi-finals will be the winner in the finals.

Xining City Bureau of Education launched in September this year before the end of the final, one or two, third-prize will be selected according to the proportion of. Winners will be given certain awards by the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, and awarded the honorary certificate. Junior high school winners comprehensive assessment by the Education Bureau of Xining city will be recommended on behalf of Xining city in the province’s position of junior high school teachers training exhibition, the first prize winner will be awarded the "teaching expert" honorary title of Qinghai province.


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