There are no five ways to start a business

The story of

and really want to start empty-handed beyond count, in fact, if you follow the difficulties, only a small amount of funds to start a business? Adhere to the five criteria can be done.

"start" author Chris · from $100; Youlibu said, "in a commercial project, especially in your success excited about the project, you need to carefully consider what you have can help the skills for others, especially how to combine these skills." What skills do you have?

1, handmade

· Abe ‘sMarket is a natural organic products trading market, such as emulsions, candles, Cereals, etc..

· from wooden toys to children’s toys, Etsy is one of the largest online markets selling almost all homemade products.

· Bonanza is another emerging artifact market, similar to the Etsy approximation. "Computer world" (PCWorld) has reported that its monthly visits more than 10 million people.

· eBay is one of the world’s largest online e-commerce market, shop Paypal body, its smooth simple payment process and a list of It differs from man to man. options to make it a good platform for the sale of goods.

2, the sales agent, sold

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