What are the skills to open hot pot franchise

open pot stores need to use a lot of business strategies to improve the profitability of the business, on the profitability of the skills, many businesses have shared their views. Xiao Bian summed up a few points to help businesses better understand the operational skills, and quickly to learn about it.

1, realistic

this chain Hot pot stores, profit skill must be realistic, is fastidious about the operation of real. What are the tips of the chafing dish store? It’s better to think than to do it. To prevent the occurrence of heavy form of light process, heavy quantity light quality, heavy surface light effect. It is important that we must do the work".

2, seize the opportunity

3, innovative

4, operating flexible

5, seasonal promotion

should introduce seasonal products, do not eat from time to time. For example: cold winter hot summer promotion, promotion, on the other hand, is a failure. In the summer, if a sweaty customer, what he wants is to start with a cup of cold drink, and you a Hot pot bottom material strength promotion other, apparently be inopportune or inappropriate.

6, with promotional

the guest the staple food, can suggest whether to add snacks, drink what flavor, whether to collocation dessert, such as cakes, cookies and other Fresh Fruit Salad.

7, time management

production needs time management, a good example: every raw material and product quantity is out of a number of security can be estimated through each time constant, dosage, can prepare semi-finished raw materials in the peak before the advent of peak period, meals can be used in centralized human service customer; as the saying goes: good steel used in the blade above recommended!

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