Olive oil ten brands list

The nutritional value of olive oil

is similar to many products on the market can not match, and now people are very attention to nutrition, so that olive oil products is more and more popular. Of course, this market also has a lot of brands, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of olive oil, so that people can have a better understanding of the market.

olive oil ten brands list NO.1, Athena:

Beijing International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2005, is a professional engaged in the Mediterranean countries, new, odd, special product development, import and domestic market development of international trading company. The company advocates and advocacy of "natural, environmental, health, and safety management idea of consumption concept", with "high quality" and "natural" two flags, the spirit of "pragmatic, service, integrity, excellence" for the purpose of development and expansion of enterprises, service to the society.

olive oil ten brands list NO.2, Bettis:

Bettis is a Spanish professional olive oil company Torres and Libeileisi company (TORRES Y RIBELLES, S.A) of the star brand. Founded in 1914, has a long history of olive oil production, ranked one of Spain’s ten largest exporter of olive oil.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.3, Solon

Anhui Solon Trading Co. Ltd. was founded in early 2008, is a professional engaged in the import of Greece and other Mediterranean coastal countries and China specialty products market development international trade company. Our general manager Mr. Luo long engaged in the Mediterranean countries of the Mediterranean countries trade, the characteristics of products, local customs and practices in-depth, accurate understanding. With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s consumption awareness and consumption concept has gradually changed, especially the edible oil consumption habits have gradually changed from traditional consumption to pure natural, environmentally friendly and healthy oil consumption.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.4, Luhua

Shandong Luhua Group Co Ltd, is currently the largest professional China peanut oil production enterprises, national key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons of peanut oil, sunflower oil production capacity of 100 thousand tons. Now has a staff of more than 6 thousand people, under the jurisdiction of Laiyang Luhua peanut oil company, Laiyang Jiang Tuan Luhua peanut oil company, Shandong Dingtao Luhua peanut oil company and Henan Zhoukou, Hubei Xiangyang Luhua peanut oil company Ltd., Inner Mongolia Luhua Luhua peanut oil sunflower oil company 17 sub company.

olive oil ten brands list:

NO.5, Aqianya


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