Xiamen overseas Chinese electronics suffered a major asset restructuring

a company wants to maintain a competitive edge in the market, we must follow the development needs of the market, so that the majority of consumers can be satisfied! Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics major asset restructuring renewable variables! The company announced last night, because since 2016, the company’s major asset restructuring by the changes of the market environment, continue to promote the possible uncertainties, the company will hold a board meeting as soon as possible, related to the motion to consider this major asset restructuring.

to ensure fair disclosure of information, maintaining the interests of investors, to avoid abnormal stock price volatility, according to relevant regulations, the application to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company stock since the opening date of suspension day today.

Xiamen Overseas Chinese electronics in order to make the brand a foothold in the market, in order to make the brand have a greater competitive advantage in the market, on April 2016, Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics was the announcement that the company intends to wholly acquire Chengdu Lian Ming products Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake. At the same time to the Yingtan City Contemporary Management Consulting Co., 9 supporting the financing of subscription to issue shares to raise no more than 1 billion 600 million yuan of matching funds for the liquidity of listed companies and large data analysis platform for the construction project price, intermediary fees and supplement the cash payment of the transaction.

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