What need to pay attention to open a dry cleaning shop

now, in our daily lives, our busy life has been very stressful. So we gradually improve the demand for dry cleaners. For want to venture to join the business, choose to join dry cleaning franchise stores, open a shop belonging to their own, we need to pay attention to what the problem?

1, dry cleaners brand as the first element of attention

dry cleaners should pay attention to brand choice:

brand propaganda exists false, exaggerated ingredients. For example, a month back to the profit value of more than 100%, more than 10000 stores, whether with official qualifications, the top ten brands or ranking, etc.. Specific judgment to see whether investors can be rational!

dry cleaners brand choice to see the premise of the store. Whether it has dozens of outlets, whether the model shop confuse the public cleaners? Most brands can make millions of years, can see their headquarters dare to open dozens of stores in order to fulfill the promise of


2, dry cleaning equipment performance and quality of dry cleaners

equipment qualification certification. Dry cleaning equipment qualification certification authority, whether or not the EU CE certification, strict inspection of domestic authority.

How much is the price of

equipment? Buy one to buy one, buy equipment can be discounted, the price is low is really practical? Is it a penny?

3, technology has a direct impact on customer turnover rate

washing technology is comprehensive?


include dry cleaning, washing, wet washing, luxury cleaning, care and other technologies?

brand washing technology in the domestic authoritative competition in the top three ranking



have the chief technician studio


technology will be able to obtain human resources and professional skills appraisal agencies certainly

4, true and false service, how strong ability to judge

when the brand is committed to the perfect service? Dry cleaners to guide the business is based on the establishment of a direct shop on the basis of the branch is not equivalent to the service sector, the service price is worth?

good join the project, is the best choice for our successful business. Dry cleaning franchise? Brand project, quality choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up! < >

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