Spring Festival store operators also need to sell capacity

Spring Festival is the most intense competition in the major stores, and in order to attract more consumers, the major stores are also a variety of means will be used. In fact, if you want to allow the store to attract more guests at the Spring Festival, in addition to selling products, in fact, also need to sell!

retail terminals, fierce competition. Especially in the sales peak during the Spring Festival, a variety of bargain activities staged more is like a raging fire. In this case, who can have more resources and creativity, who will be able to market the Spring Festival, to achieve a unique benefit. Whether it is worth mentioning resources, creativity, or ultimately reflect the ability of retail customers.

watched the Spring Festival sales peak is approaching, Chen Guilin retail customers are already ready, in order to prepare for the Spring Festival this year, in addition to the normal commodity inventory increase, Mr. Chen also introduced dozens of new products, which is rare in the surrounding retail customers, because these brands not only higher prices, but only reach a certain number of suppliers to provide goods.


is basically an exclusive sale, but Chen Guilin did not have the price of the sky, he said, in fact, these new just bait, the main purpose is to attract more consumers to the supermarket to shop. The store sales staff is huge, in order to meet the season, Chen Guilin in addition to expanding sales team, but also advance the employees on the full range of training, to achieve service, professional, close in place.

and each employee to sell more than two thousand kinds of goods placed by heart to ensure that customers in the consultation process, can in the shortest possible time to receive timely customer goods. In terms of the customer’s words, Guilin supermarket service staff is the most enthusiastic, most professional. Of course, in addition to increase the construction of soft and hard environment in the store, Guilin supermarket also further improve and stable distribution services.

as long as the Guilin supermarket to buy commodities, they have no reason to delivery initiatives during the Spring Festival because sales of large, a corresponding increase in the distribution of the difficulty, therefore, the Guilin supermarket in advance and car rental company to make agreement, as long as the Guilin supermarket car call, so, although the increase in distribution costs, but to improve the customer service service. From the store every day with the high scenes we can see Guilin, supermarket goods and services are sure to get customers.

because the Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, people in this special period of consumer demand is also very large, therefore, each operator wants to hold such a rare operating time. Of course, want to grasp the operation of the Spring Festival, the owners naturally have a lot of attention. So, do a good job in the sales during the Spring Festival, only our retail customers know how to show their comprehensive strength to the customer, the customer’s affirmation

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