Women’s clothing shop how to decorate

The huge profits of

women’s market, so many businesses began to look at the female market, want to share in this industry a piece, but women’s success, there are significant relationships and women’s clothing store decoration, Xiaobian below and share with you how to dress shop decoration a woman.

clothing image and style positioning from the customer classification store, distinguish different styles using different propaganda way. Female clothing store decoration color to have feminine taste, light blue + white, red + white, purplish red + white, beige + white, white, black + white are a good choice, store the line to streamline, slender, soft lighting, multi mirror (women born to love the mirror when. Here you mirror if not see your clothes will attract them. ) and men with rough lines, deep color, the use of materials such as walnut.

1 checkout settings and the specific location of

Whether the font and size of

and facade

appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades, this is my personal view, I can not say is very scientific, but I think so. Head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation so that there is. Attractive. Orientation of door

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