Find the market to use it correctly and carefully

in fact, business opportunities can be found everywhere, to see if you have the eyes of discovery. The so-called market is found, the enterprise had their own exploration and careful research on the future of the market consumer groups to make accurate analysis, and then boldly develop new products suitable for the group and bold use of various marketing methods to the market.

by this brand of accurate market positioning and a series of adjustment of industrial structure, Chunlan Group formed a small and specialized, twisted into a. "Fist" situation, at the same time, Chunlan also purchased a "open road, occupying the evasive strategy. At the time when some air-conditioning manufacturers in the development of 3000 to 7000 kcal of products, Chunlan Group is focused on the development of the multi type air conditioner and 3000 kcal below 7000 kcal or more air conditioners.

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