Taobao universal insurance Crazy off the shelf only 7 of net sales in the sale of products

every reporter Tu Yinghao from Shanghai

since the end of last year, the Internet is becoming the main battlefield of the sale of universal insurance for small and medium enterprises. Following last week’s universal insurance net sales force Kuo Hua life insurance, pearl life insurance firms were suspended two network marketing business, as of September 3rd, the third party platform Taobao currently only 4 Insurance Lee life insurance firms in the sale of 7 universal insurance. According to industry analysis, halted business reasons may include net sales are not standardized, such as too much publicity, the expected rate of return on investment during the period of insurance universal insurance products publicity for 1 years, did not fully highlight investment risks to consumers.

for the business of insurance liabilities and short-term high-yield showed a tendency, regulators had also warning will bring greater asset mismatch risk and liquidity risk, after net sales brakes timely to concern.

net pin universal emergency brake

this week, Taobao insurance universal insurance products under the framework of a variety of channels, as of September 3rd, 4 insurance companies with a total of 7 universal insurance products in the sale.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the bank interest rates remain stable, most universal insurance settlement rate has not been adjusted since the end of 2013, compared with the previous ten bid settlement rate of the unpopular sales scene, was extremely quiet.

in fact, it is precisely because of high-yield, low threshold, zero fee, net sales universal insurance in the two quarter of this year into the fast lane. According to data released by the China Insurance Association, the first half of the net sales of the main product life insurance universal insurance premiums to achieve the scale of 8 billion 289 million yuan, while the first quarter net sales of life insurance (universal insurance based) premium scale of $1 billion 60 million.

in the first half of this year, the life insurance industry premium income of 767 billion 130 million yuan, of which net sales channels of $10 billion 211 million, accounting for only $1.33%. However, the first half of the year thousands of life insurance premiums net sales accounted for 13.3 yuan, 5.3 yuan increase over the first quarter of 151%.

statistics show that in the first half of 2014 has 50 family life insurance companies launched a network of sales operations, an increase of 47 in the first quarter than the 3. At present, the life insurance industry net sales of products mainly for life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance, premiums were 9 billion 210 million yuan in the first half, $785 million and $216 million. Among them, the life insurance net sales is the flagship product of universal insurance, premium income accounted for 90%, and 97% are sold through third party channels.

settlement interest rate is facing a turning point

net sales universal insurance products have shelves, when the resumption of sales has not been news, which is closely related to the attitude of regulators.

in May this year, regulators warning short money grows with the risk, directed some life insurance companies, a strong impulse for capital accumulation, that the business of insurance liabilities and short-term high-yield showed a tendency, bring a large mismatch of assets and liquidity risks".


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