Zhongguancun U30 second season in Beijing to start looking for youth entrepreneurship

all walks of life are beginning to focus on the development of youth entrepreneurship, and as the key to open up the industry innovation. The day before, the Bank of Beijing to Zhongguancun U30, began to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

1 23, looking for a change in the world’s youth entrepreneurial force, Zhongguancun U30 season in Beijing Bank of Zhongguancun, a small giant hit the customer center started.

It is reported that

in the race before the Beijing branch of the Bank of Zhongguancun River, venture capital, a leading financial capital, to the 4 agencies jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Zhongguancun U30 project. Under the terms of the agreement, the parties will work together to provide comprehensive capital plan and resource support for the participants of the Zhongguancun U30.

Deputy Secretary of Beijing City, Haidian party

2015 in June, the Bank of Beijing officially launched the Zhongguancun small giant hit off the center, becoming the first domestic banking sector launched a customer center. A passenger in the center, in addition to creating incubators, also has a mentor Sharon area, reception area, multimedia conference area, financing negotiation rooms, can accommodate 80 people and the roadshow hall.

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