Care for children left behind to carry out new measures in Ya’an

although the economy continues to develop, but in different regions, the status of economic development is different, a lot of people because of his poverty, and then go on the road to work, but is still relatively small. Unable to bear, so many children become left-behind children. In order to give more care for the children left behind, Ya’an launched a series of new measures. The first is to carry out diagnostic investigation. After investigation, the city a total of 4437 children left behind in rural areas.

increase relief efforts. Combined with winter to send warmth, precision poverty work, the left behind children to implement temporary life, difficult relief.

set up a place of activity. Relying on the community elderly day care centers and rural well-being of the left behind children’s physical and mental health to provide care and help.

implementation of safeguards. Will meet the conditions of children with disabilities into the minimum living security and temporary relief category.

strive for left behind children care facilities project funds. Recently, the city reported a total of 21 children left behind in rural areas of care and protection facilities planning projects.

from the top of the article we can see that Ya’an in the care of left-behind children has taken a series of new measures, but small series here still need to appeal, the majority of the developed city in the left-behind children, hoping to give active assistance, can beside mom and dad let more children. The joint efforts of the Ya’an municipal government leaders in charge of supervision, led by the civil affairs, the relevant departments to cooperate with the work of the leading group, the integration of forces to jointly promote the care and protection of children left behind in rural areas.

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