Pizza big business celebrity celebrity pizza

how to make ordinary snacks to make a special feature, which investors should always pay attention to the problem. "Do you have an idol? If so, eat him." At the nick restaurant in Glasgow, England, an advertisement has attracted the attention of passers-by.

2013 in June 1st, is the birthday of Gina, Laura is ready to give a special gift to Gina, Bo back to his girlfriend’s heart. Bruce Lee knew that Gina liked to eat pizza, Chinese kung fu movies and Chinese Kung Fu superstar.

kharora crafted a pizza, and then go to the store to buy Bruce Lee pictures, for Gina, the results of the shop are not many. Not willing to pull, but also in the online search or not. How can this be done? Lola is anxious.

kharora found opportunities, quickly launched a "celebrity Facebook pizza in the restaurant". As long as the customer say his own idol, kharora will mellow taste sweet and sour cheese and tomato sauce, making Facebook on pizza idol. Although it is difficult, but it is very hard. For a time, the celebrity pizza face caused by sensation.

in kharora to prepare for the launch of Facebook celebrity pizza, some customers and users that put pictures of famous people drawn to eat pizza, is not polite, strongly recommended kharora stop production.

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