Xichong County women’s Federation organized women’s e commerce entrepreneurship training

do not think that rural women lack the spirit of innovation, in fact, they are not slow to accept new knowledge. As long as the basis of a simple training, they will be able to learn, learn electricity supplier entrepreneurial skills, open up the road of entrepreneurship.

1 6, Xichong County women’s Federation held a rural women’s e-commerce entrepreneurship training courses, more than 400 rural women from the township to the county participated in Entrepreneurship training.

"We have both the

"public entrepreneurship, innovation, skills training is an important way to enhance and improve the quality of women employment ability." The county committee, union president Wang Hongbo raised the hopes and demands of the trainees, he hopes that the students learn more about the computer network knowledge, to apply their knowledge, through the network of their own products and culture to promote more people. Through our actions to influence and lead more women to study science, science and technology, driven by a number of network sales nvnengren.

with the promotion of Internet services and infrastructure development, the future we will see more rural entrepreneurship heroine, ignite innovation of rural entrepreneurial economic miami.

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