Zhao Kai freshman students to use second hand computer store monthly income of over 10000

open a shop, in college students is still a strange thing. Zhao Kai, the boss of the computer shop, was jokingly called "kay".

Zhao Kai was keen to discover the huge market of second-hand computer students, invested time and energy quickly, persist for more than a year later, finally earned the first pot of gold of life.

is now ready to join other college students Zhao Kai, shop together to do a chain of second-hand computer shop, want to form a resource sharing network market.

started from the second-hand computer business is done fast

Zhao Kai high school started part-time, a start in the restaurant dishes, side dishes, and later went to work in Hangzhou clothing wholesale market in Hangzhou warehouse, the summer temperature of more than and 40 degrees Celsius for Zhao Kai is always the sweat runs down like raindrops.

big semester school Zhao Kai saw the second-hand computer market, immediately with the working time saved all their savings, business incubators in school opened a 20 square meters of shops, the beginning of entrepreneurship, small business scope only maintenance, rental, second-hand desktop computer and accessories.

shop at the beginning of one of the biggest problems is the supply, so Zhao Kai went to Broadway: "a house, a layer of the run, find good quality and price concessions to cooperation, cooperation until after a long time, put those bad partners and partners for a good kick."

to find a good source, Zhao Kai said: the general busy only at noon, a class quickly ran to the store, often too late to eat at noon, had to eat a little more in the morning!" Such a busy Zhao Kai stomach often uncomfortable. "Often doze off in class, sometimes busy at night one or two, closed shop ten points back and make things," Zhao Kai said jokingly.

to 2015 computer store business will expand a lot, will sell new laptops and desktop computers, will also be installed on campus broadband. These profits are quite impressive, but some are more professional, Zhao Kai will find some technical personnel to solve the problem.

in this insistence on the computer store is gradually on the right track, and ready to develop other institutions do chain.

student training institutions are pregnant with unlimited business opportunities

Zhao Kai is to learn the art of broadcasting and hosting, so more sensitive to art training. Sophomore next semester he was keenly aware of the current parents of children in addition to learning outside the art training needs.

then get involved in training students, now the initial creation of art training institutions in Changhe high student a little at the beginning, the main recommendation

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