Steps on the store business really affect you

although a lot of people are aware of the adverse impact of the steps for the store business, but in the end whether there are many entrepreneurs who are not very clear, can not find a specific case analysis. So, the steps on the store business really affect it? Let small make up a simple case analysis to you.

is located in the subway, backed by the District, is diagonally opposite Luxiang Plaza, every day at the entrance on the first floor of this People are hurrying to and fro., street pavement, it seems to be "land" sought after Wang pu. However, the facade in nearly a year’s time for three bosses, the longest business did not hold half a year, the shortest time to shop only a month. The main reason is that there are 6 steps to this store door, resulting in the shop hanging in the air, blocking the consumer into the store’s popularity.

in September this year, what the boss found a good shop at Huquan Street shop next to the Optics Valley square subway station, in front of the large flow of people.

after consultation, he rented a shop monthly rental price of 18 thousand yuan, the transfer fee paid about 100000 yuan, plus renovation, purchase equipment, a total investment of about 300000 yuan, the main matter of comprehensive catering, opened a few days ago, business is good, there are two thousand or three thousand yuan of gross income per day, National Day period, the highest the gross income reached 4000 yuan a day.

gradually, in good times don’t last long, fewer guests. He also knows that the size of the restaurant on the street to get together and fierce competition. One day, he stood in front of the store to observe the habits of passers-by, street restaurants have old customers, are directly into the store consumption. At this time, he found the shop on the doorstep of the business, "this street is a road slope, I shop in the high gate 1.5 meters high level so that guests can not step into the shop, so popular as their neighbor shop, plus my comprehensive catering personality is not clear, not repeat". He said the boss, rent, labor and other costs add up to nearly 3000 yuan revenue per day in order to protect. Adhere to less than 3 months later, he will transfer the store, a direct loss of $200 thousand.

according to the owner of the shop next door, said the store this year has been replaced by three bosses.

shop entrance has a high level, it will affect the business?

yesterday, the reporter conducted a survey in Wuchang cimenkou commercial street and oriole road. In our door, the reporter found that there are many shops in the street level, low level one or two, the highest level of a mall has 8 steps. A supermarket in the Oriole way, "superior", there are a number of steps near the store entrance, clothing store, bookstore, there are four or five steps.

reporter found that these stores with the longest step has also operated for ten years, the business does not seem to be affected by the steps. "Step to big"

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