Open underwear store these five errors must be avoided

marketing is an effective means to promote the rapid increase in sales, but how to achieve the right marketing practices is not simple, which makes the majority of entrepreneurs extremely distressed. Brand underwear enterprise marketing process, often encounter many unexpected problems. For example, many lingerie companies in order to promote their own fashion bra products, spend a lot of effort to engage in market research, but also cast a lot of money to advertise, but the results are often not satisfactory. To avoid this, please pay attention to the following 5 marketing fatal injuries.

A, once and for all.

two, single means.

three, membership.

There is a large church in order to absorb

, members often carry out special concerts or activities. But once you get in, the church doesn’t care. Of course, when members react, they will quit. The church will never be able to reach the number of members that can be owned, because people are always on the move.

"member driven" into marketing activities, means that only stimulate the interest is not enough, it must be transformed into sales, sales is not enough, must be transformed into loyal customers Home Furnishing underwear buyers.

four, first.

Did you meet

The lack of

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