Migrant workers and other key groups can be less tax

entrepreneurial team is growing, many special groups to join the entrepreneurial market, the state will naturally give appropriate help. For example, college students, migrant workers and retired soldiers, the future of their own companies, doing business, you can pay less tax, greatly reducing the pressure on entrepreneurship.

to expand employment and encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, I raised the tax cut this part of the province in accordance with the requirements, the highest tax amount from the current 8000 yuan adjusted to 9600 yuan, in addition, the enterprises to absorb the employment of people will also enjoy more tax cuts.

it is understood that there are limitations group different from the past, this year all registered unemployed persons more than a year in the public employment service agencies in our city, can apply for tax cuts are independent of entrepreneurship. The staff said, I, who hold "unemployment registration certificate" (Mark self employment tax policy "or" attachment of college graduates to start their own business card ") personnel engaged in self-employed, you can deduct the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and personal income tax.

"previous highest tax allowance is 8000 yuan, this year, our province in accordance with the highest up to 20% nations are bound to improve tax credit." The staff said that the deduction limit standard for the highest 9600 yuan per household per year.

for this part of the people can absorb the employment of enterprises, countries also have the corresponding policy support.

The validity of

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