How to open a clothing store to high popularity

for those who want to invest in the garment industry in terms of how to start small, the location of popular clothing store shop? Find shops, the geographical position is the key! Different business stores have different tourist circle, to find suitable the commercial area own is the key! Just like people, everyone has their own circle of friends circle! So, how to store location? The following Xiaobian tell you


clothing store opened in what place popular clothing store location skills:

classification of cities: in large chain of business projects, whether to enter a city, how to enter a city, is the first problem encountered. In the traditional approach, we generally look at per capita income, urban development, etc.. Ignore a macro premise, the type of city. Here I briefly talk about:

city can be roughly divided into 3 categories, industrial city, transportation hub city, hybrid city

1. industrial city: it is a single functional city developed by modern industrial civilization. A small population, mostly one or several large enterprises employees and their families. This city according to the different industrial projects we have on the classification of mining city (such as Daqing, Karamay and Fushun), the city of heavy industry (such as: Anshan, Benxi), light industrial city (such as Dongguan, Panyu, etc.) to 80s is the electronic and high-tech industries City, but are attached to large around the city, belonging to the category of satellite city.

2. transportation hub city: generally this kind of city is produced by two factors: geographical location and administrative divisions. Most of them have been built for a long period of time, most of which have a history of one hundred years. We will classify them: (entering through a door apartment layout area of the mountain: Customs), cross type (several traffic trunk cross place: such as Wuhan, Zhengzhou), the port (a major seaport or inland port, such as Dalian, Qinhuangdao, area (core) core city: a region such as Shenyang, Xi’an)

3. mixed type: two kinds of urban functions, many of which are affected by the formation of government policies. Often become a large city or city group. We can also be classified as: industrial center city (relying on around its industrial park or the satellite city traffic hub play its advantages: such as Shenzhen economic and Trade Center (city), relying on its economic and trade aspects of the software and hardware advantages, vigorously develop new industrial parks and industrial satellite towns, such as Shanghai: Beijing city (the capital), the administrative center of the capital, where is also the industrial city of Beijing, such as: Changchun).

before we get into a new city, we should sort out the nature of the city to determine its own format type, >