Select the franchise before asking yourself these five questions

this is different from the past, entrepreneurship alone alone is obviously a bit weak, the franchise is now very popular, many of my friends are willing to choose the franchise to open his own entrepreneurial path. But are you really ready to join the franchise, in the choice of franchising, ask yourself the following five questions.

1, the franchise system in the last year, the total turnover growth rate of about? Average turnover growth rate of each franchise?

2, the franchise system is what form?

prompt: local, regional, national and international. Refers to the local stores open area are more concentrated in the city a few 1~2 County; regional refers to concentrated in the north, South, East, the 1~2 area, the headquarters of the business experience will vary with the form.

3, to join the franchise, how much funding must be prepared?

4, join the headquarters to provide any financial assistance?

prompt: the franchisees to see whether to provide a preferential payment headquarters, there are no mortgage and other conditions, these problems are worthy of careful consideration.

5, how many hours per week do I expect (ten hours per day)?