Sanjiang tea enterprises and poor households bundle of entrepreneurial resources integration to crea


venture can also be leveraging each other, this is the real entrepreneurship to employment in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Sanjiang tea enterprises and local poor households "bundling" business, not only poor money, enterprise development has gained more and more resources.

3 28, the new reclamation in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Mei Xiang Mei Lin Cun "terracing" tea garden, dozens of villagers singing the song of tea seedling planting.

in the precise poverty battle, the local leading enterprises and take the lead in Meilin Village 45 poor households "bundling" business, through the "poor households out of labor, picking unified planting, and protection for tea; company funds, responsible for base construction and product processing and sales" approach, poor households in labor shares dividends make the masses, adequate out of the village will be able to easily obtain employment, poverty.

the company will be in 5 years of planting 700 acres of tea, red bayberry 100 acres, 100 acres of wild grapes, koxtox 300 acres, and in 100 thousand acres of bamboo forest breeding chicken feather, interplanting grass coral and other Chinese herbal medicine Gastrodia elata. Acres of industrial bases to villagers out of poverty and become rich "bank" cradle "".

"we older, low culture, no technology, no capital, working, doing business can’t do anything, now the base was built up, I like tea, pig." While the villagers Luo Xiuzhu tea seedling banking said.

this way of business, is also worth more provinces and cities will reference, integrating resources effectively, can lead to greater productivity, to allow more people to benefit.


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