Female anchor resigned stall to create entrepreneurial jewelry brand

a lot of entrepreneurs are from the stall to start the first step of your life business, and from the taste of sweetness, began to record of industry, following the same is true girl. On a street vendor to a course registered its own brand.

Jincheng square in a jewelry shop in the first floor, graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music soon Tan can shop is busy, but Tan told reporters yesterday, starting from a stall in the first pot of gold is earned, now, she has registered its own brand of jewelry, and opened three chain jewelry store in Chongqing.

2003, tan at the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music broadcast professional sophomore, and in the near Chengdu is a night market in Qingyang, the men and women clothing, shoes and bags, watches, lighters, handicrafts by Chinese and foreign tourists and residents nearby love. Tan Ke realized that this is a lucrative business.

"try holding the attitude, my roommate and I start in the night market to set up a stall selling mobile phone chain, hairpin and other small accessories." Tan funny said: the first day of selling 136 yuan." From the second to third, tan and roommate almost every day to the night market stall. A year down, actually earned more than ten thousand yuan.

create their own jewelry brand

"because it is so little cost, no stall small place to sit down, every day standing, can work for yourself that makes me feel very full." Tan Ke recalls.

slowly, the facade is bigger, the business is more and more well done. Because selling trinkets are too much, the product is the same. "I realized that, without my own characteristics, this could be the end."

"registered brand is only the first step." Tan said, "five years, I hope that their jewelry brand can enter the major shopping malls in Chongqing."

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