Home press ten brand list

on the outside to buy all kinds of edible oil, not only expensive but also worried about the quality problems, so the home press began to usher in the development of the market, the brand is increasing constantly. Here, Xiaobian secret home press ten brand list, so that more families can choose to press the right product.

home press (The domestic press), also known as small, press machine, micro press machine, screw press, double press, family press, intelligent oil press. As the name implies, is suitable for family use home press. Home press is a small press machine, is the use of hot pressing or cold pressing technology, high temperature or constant temperature by screw extrusion of vegetable oil food logistics.

with the improvement of living, home press also became a member of the household electric appliance, more and more families use this type of electrical products. With the emergence of food issues such as waste oil, exacerbated the problem of edible oil safety. The traditional method of cooking oil can not guarantee the quality of edible oil. Therefore, domestic oil press of various brands and various press technology came into being, and exterior design is also different.

home press ten brand list: Joyoung (NO.1 Joyoung Soybean Milk machine industry pioneer and leader, Chinese most influential brands of small appliances, health kitchen appliances industry leader, Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd)

home press ten brand ranking NO.2:bestday Bell Houstton (R & D / production / sales of household appliances enterprises, is more well-known home press brand, Jiangmen Bell Houstton Electric Co., Ltd.)

home press ten brands list NO.3: AUCMA AUCMA (founded in 1987, won the Chinese brand, Shandong famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, refrigeration equipment supplier, AUCMA’s world-renowned Limited by Share Ltd)

home press ten brands list NO.4: Bear bear (Guangdong province famous trademark, domestic creative small home appliances one of the famous enterprises, private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, the ten industry brands, Guangdong cubs Electric Appliance Co. Ltd)

home press ten brands list NO.5: LOCK&LOCK LOCK (founded in 1985, the world’s leading provider of sealed container, box sealed container and life brand, the world’s best-selling LOCK&LOCK Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.)

home press ten brand list: NO.6 TenGuard (Pacific focus on home press >

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