How much do you know about the decoration design

clothing industry contains huge business opportunities and development of space profit is self-evident, but want to open a profitable revenue clothing store, in addition to product quality and service, should also pay attention to the clothing store decoration design. Consumer demand from the market to see, the decoration of fine clothing stores, consumers will be able to stop and then turn into purchasing power.

exquisite decoration and clothing display will give people the enjoyment of the United States, the popular point, at least in the sense of grade. Therefore, want to stand out in many shops, it must be in the decoration and display on the next effort. Today, small to give you some advice, you want to help the owner of clothing.

clothing store layout refers to the overall layout of the clothing store, including space layout and channel layout of the two parts.

Each of the

clothing store space of different size, shape, conditions vary widely, but the store has any regardless of how complex structures, are generally composed of three basic space form, people clothing is no exception. A basic space is: commodity space such as counters, windows, shelves. Platform, etc.; second is the store space; and customer space.

customer channel design is scientific or not directly affect the rational flow of customers in general, channel design has the following forms: linear and lattice type, refers to all the equipment in the counter at the mercy of at right angles to each other, constitute a labyrinth channel; oblique line, the advantages of this channel is that it enables customers to browse easy, lively atmosphere, so that customers see more goods, more buying opportunities; free rolling, this layout is formed according to different combinations, goods and equipment characteristics or independence, or no fixed form or layout of polymerization, dedicated sales, the form is not fixed.

ceiling can create a sense of beauty in the clothing store, but also with the space design, lighting and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment. Therefore, it is very important for its decoration. In the ceiling design, should take into account the ceiling material, color, height, with particular attention to the ceiling color. The ceiling to have modern feeling, can show personal charm, pay attention to the overall sense of the color collocation, elegant display. Young people, especially young women’s occupation, love is clean sense of color; young men emphasized vocational clothing store the charm of youth, with the use of primary colors such as light. In general, the ceiling of the clothing store is light pink.

clothing shop decoration design is the main wall decoration materials and color selection, the use of wall. The design of the wall of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the goods displayed, and adapt to the environment and image of the clothing store. Can be set up in the wall on display, for display, the installation of some simple equipment, can be placed in a part of the clothing, can also be used as a commodity or decorative showcase.

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