During the Spring Festival Nanjing daily paid occupation Yuesao 900 yuan

with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people will be handed over to the professional nanny nanny, nanny industry is also more and more popular in the market, especially during the Spring Festival has become a high paying career! Earlier this year, the Spring Festival, nanny shortage is also ahead of schedule, which makes many employers are now beginning to panic. According to a recruitment website, probably more than 80% homes aunt Yuesao, a second tier city for migrant workers, they have to return home for the new year demand. While some employers in order to retain the Spring Festival or nanny Yuesao, also spared no expense to wages, red envelopes etc..

Nanjing has a

mother birth happened to be in during the Spring Festival, the book Yuesao wages 8000 yuan, and the Spring Festival holidays is three times the daily wage, up to 900 yuan, the seven day of the New Year holiday wages 5000 yuan a month, the mother call "price" can not afford the month sister-in-law!"


the seven day of the new year, wages for more than 5 thousand


seeking reliable nanny across the year, three salary during the Spring Festival, a large red packets!" Recently, Ms. Tao people just gave birth to her second child, please Yuesao during the Spring Festival to return to his home, but also want to put this back early, Ms. Tao anxious.

Modern Express reporter learned that Ms. Tao is an advanced maternal age, the age of the parents are also big, during the Chinese new year still want someone to help take care of the baby, she recently asked a few domestic intermediary, said that during the Spring Festival to find aunt.

mother Ms. Wang was not so anxious, but please Yuesao spend money she routeng. Due to Ms. Wang is the lunar new year, she had to find a good Yuesao, a monthly salary of 8000 yuan, has been considered relatively cheap." She said. However, Yuesao has early and she greeted if work during the Spring Festival, three days of legal holidays are three times according to the wage calculation, the remaining four days is a double salary, I calculated is simply ‘price’!" Ms. Wang said, Yuesao rules are generally in accordance with the 26 day of each month, a monthly salary of 8000 yuan to count, it is equivalent to a daily wage of 307 yuan, also is the new year’s Eve to the second, three times the daily wage of 900 yuan, the remaining four days of holiday double pay 600 yuan a day, 7 days, for 5000 yuan. "I can’t count ah, the salary of a month is not the Spring Festival 7 days please yuesao."

in order to save the extra money, she had to consult with his family, if the year was born, also "recognize"; if on the grade 4 students, and family "carry" a few days, and eighth again yuesao. "If you can ‘hold’, must ‘hold back’ to regenerate after!" She said very seriously.

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