Huizhou University held on Thursday entrepreneurial hero auditorium

everything is difficult at the beginning, a lot of College entrepreneurs lost in the entrepreneurial start. In order to help college students quickly enter the entrepreneurial state, learn how to maintain the right entrepreneurial mentality. Huizhou University organized activities to invite successful entrepreneurs and students to share entrepreneurial experience.

it is reported that the "entrepreneurial heroes forum aims to build a platform to share the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship, surging innovative thinking. The evening of October 29th, 3 entrepreneurs will share their share of the road on the road. Sun Yu is a professional operation of audio content cool to listen to the book CEO; Li Zhankeng is a typical entrepreneurial hero, 5 years ago, he has not stepped out of college and students in the dormitory when the key program embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, founded the first domestic mobile advertising platform — nbsp & M advertising; in the day before, organized the first Chinese   "Internet plus" students innovation and entrepreneurship competition, rice and advertising runner up; Wei morning siren music founder and CEO, he developed a music APP to recommend songs based on the user’s mood.

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