20 thousand and 120 children’s wear investment projects recommended

is now in the family are having fewer children, people’s income increasing, resulting in children’s industry has developed rapidly, so join the children’s clothing, children’s necessities, will have the broad market demand, will be the children and parents trust agreement. However, children’s clothing, not just choose a project can be, the following Xiaobian recommend to you in 2012 the most popular ten investment projects.

1, Kio Korean brand children’s clothing:

developed by Wuhan fairy Rabbit clothing Limited company, to lead the fashion trend and the pursuit of the concept of high quality, low price limit to 6 yuan and a rapid rise of innovation mode. KIO Korean children’s clothing brand people-oriented, integrity, perfect interpretation of "childhood you Q", to create a new experience for hundreds of millions of kids new children!


‘s Blue Cat Blue Rabbit

developed by Wuhan Zhongzhi Jiahe trading company, sales of domestic and international brands are authentic products, fabric, workmanship, style is very elegant, with the traditional street goods, popular imitation version of the goods is absolutely different, the absolute value for money, and will be written into the contract, commitment to quality, completely solve the menace from the rear of dealers.

3, the Pakistani brand children’s clothing discount:

by supporting cherubs International Children’s products (Beijing) Limited development, Buffy bean brand children’s clothing stores to create a low-cost discount platform’s Asia’s largest children’s clothing has a strong team of experts and marketing experts, will set the management mode of replication for each dealer. The company has a professional quality inspector who is responsible for the quality of the goods, and never give up the quality requirements to reduce the cost.

4, blue shell 6 yuan Korean children:

developed by Guangzhou hanyue Clothing Co., 6 yuan of Korean children with blue shell colors, fashion models, flexible matching, breakthrough the traditional confinement of children’s clothing design, based on comfort, fashion, personalized products, practical and fashion combined with blue shell 6 yuan Korean children with leisure and sports mainly children’s clothing market has brought vitality and Unlimited Business Opportunities.

5, Ibrahimovic bear children’s wear:

developed by Wuhan Han Ibrahimovic clothing Limited company, is leading the fashion cool wind, ha ha, but also elegant gentleman and the wind, both personality and fashionable clothing, shoes and hats, and exquisite jewelry, puzzle toys, the children’s clothing, style business activities, the success of children clothing store discount type business China first.

6, Happy Valley children’s wear:

developed by Wuhan Yuxuan Hondar Garment Co. Ltd., Happy Valley wear colors, fashion models, flexible matching, breakthrough the traditional confinement based on children’s clothing design, wear comfortable, fashionable and personalized "outstanding product

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