Western bakery stores Shop steps

bakery is more common in people’s lives, many businesses are very envious of business, wants to open stores. What are the steps of baking shop? If you do not know can learn a lot, I hope you can be prepared to step by step practical development.

first steps: preparation of funds and determine the scale of production and marketing is an integrated operation, or production and marketing separately;

second step: to prepare technical sources and hire employees, can also do their own work;

third step: site selection. Identified in the business district, downtown, or residential areas;

fourth step: market research. In order to make a detailed investigation on the regional food market demand, consumption status, consumption ability, people’s eating habits and competition situation,

fifth step: feasibility analysis. Whether the products and services can be accepted? Is it better than the industry? Where is the opportunity?

sixth step: assessment of turnover and market share. Determine the size of the input, and then estimate the size of the target market. Calculate the number of competitors and turnover, compare the situation with their competitors, estimate their turnover and market share;

the seventh step: roast store decoration and processing license. Decoration in line with national regulations, the best use of warm fitting decoration, to have their own characteristics and not too fancy.

eighth step: buy equipment. Baking industry operating equipment manufacturers more and more, may wish to consult the views of peers, slowly elected, it is best to pick a good after-sales service.

Ninth step

: the design of a special, interesting, memorable and clear meaning of the Western bakery stores to register trademarks, the best for the future, started the brand, to create brand-name products to pave the way for


tenth step: design product packaging, packaging to be practical and economical;

eleventh step: the purchase of raw materials, which is a very critical aspect, depending on the grade of the product to choose, and contact a good raw material distributor. The selection of raw materials used in baking shop is very important, it directly affects the quality of the product, may wish to choose some of the product quality stability and provide after-sales service manufacturers products.

twelfth step: publicity

baking steps in the west is also a lot of steps, if you want to do a good job in investment management business step by step down. The only way of development every step it is possible to obtain a more stable operating profit. Do you know the steps above? < / recommendation

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