Xiamen maternal and child health care hospital

life is more important than everything, although the life level constantly improved, but still did not get rid of human diseases, face many difficult diseases, many experts not only at a loss what to do! With the further strengthening of the economic globalization, whether in economic countries to strengthen cooperation in terms of medical treatment, also increased the mutual cooperation and exchange, to provide more quality services for the majority of patients.

recently, the good doctor consultation center of maternal and child health hospital, officially inaugurated. In the future, Xiamen difficult patients through the platform to accept the United States top experts remote consultation.

Su Zhiying

, Dean of maternal and child health hospital said that cooperation between the two sides of the United States last year origin of Obstetrics and Gynecology annual meeting, when the good doctor in the United States raised 5 top doctors to Xiamen lecture. The two sides put forward in academic, scientific research, clinical aspects of docking, the most convenient way is to use the Internet platform, academic conferences, strengthen communication between doctors.

objectively speaking, there is still a certain gap between China and the United States medical standards, some patients with difficult disease hope to get better medical care. With this platform, through remote imaging, medical records, etc., to receive second of the top experts in the u.s.. For patients who can be treated in the United States, the United States experts will guide the nearest treatment. Want to go to the United States to treat the patient, take a good platform to the United States do not have to look for a doctor.

it is understood that this is also the platform in the first hospital of Fujian province inaugurated. For the choice of the hospital, the United States requested a better doctor for the top three hospitals.

there is a certain gap between China and the United States, the United States has the status of world hegemony. This time, the maternal and child health hospital and the United States top experts in cooperation, can effectively improve our medical standards, can help more difficult patients, away from the pain of torture, get new life!

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