What is the impact of car washing card on the operation of the car beauty shop

as a car owners, car wash cards should be very familiar with, after all, the car is to be cleaned regularly, with a car wash card, when the consumption will naturally be more convenient. In our traditional concept, the car beauty shop once sold out a car wash card, which is equivalent to have a customer, is a very good thing for the development of shops. So, is this really the case? Car wash card on the operation of the car beauty shop?

how many members are there in your car beauty shop? Many shop owner heard the problem, immediately went through its own membership card records, or open the customer management software, to see how much do a car wash card. Is the number of car washing cards equal to the number of members? In our minds, in the end what kind of customer, can be regarded as a member?

1, members are dual. Not all of us think that members of the customer, can faithfully define ourselves as members. Do not believe, you let him show his wallet in the car wash card, you know. A simple description is a superb collection of beautiful things. If you think a membership card, lock the customer specific, it is really overbearing. From the point of view of the actual operation, the real members must be recognized by the two sides in order to achieve.

because, if a member does not regard you as the only car beauty butler or expert, then you can not do all the members of the business. Customers will be able to put him to help people, divided into various grades and ranks, at a specific time and place, you can think of. This time, perhaps the customer has long been the most profitable projects, left to others. You may be the number of a thick stack of membership cards have been delighted, completely unaware of the rival darkness chencang.

2, car wash card is not a membership card. Take car wash card customers, and can not be called a member, I do not know if you do not agree with this view. Because, we believe that the membership card is to consume a variety of projects, that is, the customer is not just in the store car wash, in addition to all the items outside the car wash, have the opportunity to spend only. Such as prepaid card members, he has a special consumer sentiment and the store will, will not mind the store today gave him what specific projects, and the time of leaving, asked whether there are card balances, whether you need to renew. Such members are often very high degree of confidence in the store. The car wash card, is a more embarrassing situation.

customers are very worried about the car wash card is very fast, our store to get up early to deal with a small number of 500 yuan car wash card, to today there are good customers do not spend five. They don’t even realize what we’re going to do at the store, except for the car wash, even though we remind them to do it every time we wash the car. We can calculate the number of car wash our hands card, in addition to the car wash away, until no consumption of any card out of its.

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