Top ten private aircraft brands list

in the current economic society, the car is no longer a strange means of transport, and the number of private aircraft is more and more. Private aircraft is a society of high income people to luxury, own a private plane in Chinese called nouveau riche. Even if you have this guy will be low-key, is a rich side of the high-end silver. With the increase of the nouveau riche start slowly, more and more private aircraft. So what are the world’s top private brands? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret private aircraft ten brands list.

private aircraft ten brands list NO1-Gulfstream (Gulfstream)

Gulfstream (Gulfstream) Ltd is a famous manufacturer in the world production of luxury, large business jets at present. In 1999 by the General Dynamic Corp acquired completely, the main products are series of Gulfstream aircraft. So far, Gulfstream has produced more than 1 thousand and 300 aircraft, widely used in civil, commercial, government agencies, private and military fields. In the "fortune" magazine’s 500 largest companies have more than 1/4, use the "Gulf Stream" jet.

private aircraft ten brands list NO2-Sikorsky Aircraft (Si Koski)

is a United States aircraft and helicopter manufacturer, founded by the Russian American aircraft engineer Igor ·; · Sikorski in 1923. He designed the first stable single engine helicopter and began mass production in 1942. In 1934 a joint Sikorsky Aircraft and Transport Corporation (now United Technologies Company) under the subsidiary company.

is one of the major U.S. Sikorsky helicopter manufacturer, its most famous product of UH-60 black hawk. The president of the United States to use the helicopter "Marines" has also been used Sikorsky products, the marine one fleet consists of a VH-3 (H-3 Neptune) and a VH-60 (UH-60 Black Hawk).

private aircraft ten brands list NO3-Eurocopter (Ou straight)

Eurocopter (Eurocopter SA), is Europe’s largest helicopter manufacturer, is part of the European Aeronautic Defense Group (EADS). The company is mainly engaged in the development and production of civilian and military helicopters, as well as helicopter maintenance, overhaul services. January 1992, the French The Aerospace Corporation and the German MBB company jointly set up a European helicopter Limited by Share Ltd. The Aerospace Corporation, which owns 70% of the shares, the German MBB company owns a stake of $30%

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