The advantages and disadvantages of the form of trade fairs in the enterprise

now the whole society some show a wide variety of activities has become very common, especially now in some Home Furnishing industry, every year to introduce and sell their own products, will regularly launch some exhibition activities.

the flooring industry every year held various exhibitions, such as the Guangzhou fair, China international Domotex exhibition etc.. The reason why this industry Fair held annually and recognized by the industry, because the show is a low investment costs, can face the dealer to promote effective one of the ways. For some small and medium-sized flooring companies, in the national trade show on the show, not only to develop franchisees, but also to make their own brand is remembered by the industry.

For example,

exhibition investment form has its unique advantages in investment, embodied in the following four aspects:

Second, "bombing style propaganda" effect: in the exhibition investment, each floor brand enterprises with the exhibition to showcase the brand image, product and service in the shortest time, save time and save the investment cost.

Third, draw investment experience: through the exhibition, the floor enterprises can understand and absorb other brands in the same industry investment experience and advantages. At the same time, after understanding the advantages of peer investment, in the next investment secondary school to use, and constantly improve and perfect.

Fourth, understand the industry; through the exhibition floor, enterprises can not only investment, but also through the exhibition floor understand industry trends, understand the needs of dealers to join. At the same time, because the show is also open to the general public investment, so the floor of the enterprise can also be the first time to understand the needs of consumers.

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