Join the leisure coffee brand must master the following skills

many entrepreneurs have wanted to open a casual coffee shop, especially many girls have this as a young dream. However, when the dream into reality, the need to perform their duties will be more up.

Second, command. Coffee stores the ability of operators must have strong and correct analysis and judgment ability and overall situation, in the coffee stores daily operation need timely command and scheduling, tell what employees do, how to do, with skilled work skills, decisive work style and strong adaptability for command and processing to properly store events.

Third, organization. The manager of the coffee shop must have a good organization and management ability, to the coffee shop in the people and things in a reasonable division of labor and management, so that the coffee shop to work in an orderly manner. Coffee stores managers for the organization function mainly includes the selection, the establishment of employee responsibilities allocation and supervision, regulation and improvement, personnel training and incentive, the reasonable allocation of staff and so on.

Fourth, supervision. In the coffee shop in daily business activities, managers need to employee operating standards, store environment, maintenance of the work plan the progress of supervision, timely detection of problems and corrective actions and guidance, to ensure efficiency and guide the work of the. Of course, the effective implementation of the supervisory function is based on the management of a variety of standards and procedures on the master. At the same time, managers should grasp supervision, too strong will cause employees of psychology to lose heart, too weak it will not lead to the role of supervision work are disordered.

fifth, coordination. The coordination of the coffee shop is to carry out the management functions in the daily operation of the management activities of the management activities do not deviate from the overall business objectives. To coordinate the work of coffee shop coffee is divided into two aspects as internal coordination and external coordination and internal coordination is mainly the coordination of various positions in the coffee shop coffee, while the external coordination is mainly by external customers, and the coffee shop recommended

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