What should gas stations do during peak hours

is a place of business almost any will have a busy and idle time, so, how to make use of the idle time will become a lot of managers worry about the problems, such as gas station operators. So, what should the gas station do during peak hours? Let Xiaobian to provide two suggestions.

suggested one

to do the scene timely improve

in the non peak hours, gas stations should be promptly exposed to the peak of the oil problems in a timely manner rectification. One is for the peak period problems, to strengthen staff skills training, improve employee ability; two timely cleaning, such as refueling site, toilet top, gas station and other areas, to maintain good capacity station appearance.

recommended two

use of non peak count three

clever use of non peak time, good three accounts, in order to meet the next peak do a good job". First account: oil sales account. Group summary is essential, through the search for the gap between the team members, teams and groups and the gap between the team, so that we always establish a sense of indicators, to lay the foundation for better sales.

second accounts: non oil sales account. Let the staff count on the sales rebate, to share the successful marketing case, learn from each other, experience sharing. Third accounts: capital account. Funds are the main control of the sales enterprise, must be consistent with the account. Therefore, in the non peak period, the shift team leader to organize the staff to do the class node, is the primary duty long funds.

because of the needs of the reasons, the number of gas stations in China is very large, different gas stations, in dealing with the peak time will have a different approach. Some gas stations will make full use of this time to enhance the operational capacity of the gas station, and some gas stations may be bored to pass the time and wasted wasted opportunities for promotion. If you are a operator of the gas station, the above small series provided by the two recommendations can be used as reference oh.

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