Four small ways to make you successful

entrepreneurial success is not as simple as everyone thinks, when you have a business idea, how would you make a choice? Is to insist on or give up? In fact, if you want to succeed, only four small ways to make you successful, so that ideas possible.

1. earnings priority

2. three month earnings: "efficient" failure

Redistribution of


after achieveprofitability Richard · Christensen led his business to meet the next challenge. He allocated 65% of the money to employees and business development, with a total of $25% to expand the business, expand production, and the remaining 10% are used for continued profitability. He continued to follow the twists and turns of the business model of the distribution of the 65/25/10 model, through the profitability, resources and scale of operation, giving impetus to the sustainable development of enterprises.

4. next, slow down your pace of development

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