From the success story of a grain of rice

from a grain of rice to the success of the road, the twists and turns of which we do not know, but that left to the world’s persistent heart, bring us a deep feeling. Let us learn from other people’s stories and experience.

mention of Taiwan’s richest man Wang Yongqing, almost wurenbuxiao. He pushed the Taiwan Plastics Group to the top 50 of the world’s industries. In the early stages of the business, he is still doing a small business selling rice.

Wang Yongqing from the find the entry point in It is quite common for. He and his two younger brother hands together, a little bit will be mixed in meters in sand like chaff, pick up debris and then sell out. For a time, the town’s mistress said, Wang Yongqing sell good quality rice, eliminating the trouble of rice. In this way, a mass ten, ten to one hundred meters, shop business is booming.

If new customers send to

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