Antialcoholism beverage market it industry prospects analysis

drank too much is not good for the body, but many people still love to drink, a good wine beverage is indispensable. The hangover drinks hot also bring good news to investors, antialcoholism beverage market? Many investors have such questions. For now I will introduce the antialcoholism beverage market.

If the

2005 at the end of the year "Health Express" according to a survey of domestic drinking crowd to show that, with the domestic economic development, China also frequent, alcohol drinkers younger, working with regular, population drinking population is increasing faster. The current domestic drinking population has more than 500 million people, the wine people are nearly 40% of the population are often Jiumin (people drinking more than 2 times a week), these people’s health needs stronger consciousness, to sober up products for high.

Look at the following data:

5 billion people;

6 is the main cause of unhealthy drinking, and the main problem is excessive drinking;

8 into more than consumers feel that drinking is forced". That is, in social communication, work, entertainment and other aspects can not avoid drinking;

5 into the health status of the people in sub-health and the following levels;

6 adults say they will not change their drinking habits and do not intend to quit drinking. But will consider drinking some sobering health care products. The huge market capacity and there are "whereof see," Prohibition ": the implementation of" selling "" drinking drug prohibition "fire" and other reports to understand wine brands that, at this time, who became the leader, who is the leader of the industry after.

now the growing awareness of people’s health, everyone is in pursuit of drinking health. Antialcoholism beverage market? A safe and effective hangover drinks on the market will be because of the sensational effect, the market prospect is very broad. If you are investors, you must ask the recommended hangover

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