Wrong business let Huang Chunlin win

although not as strict as work, but now many shops are also provided by the service time of the day. But in today’s era, people’s nightlife is more and more rich, if you can grasp the good business hours, even at night can also make a big profit. Huang Chunlin is to grasp such a business strategy, the wrong time to operate, so clever win, make money.

is located in Huaian city Chengde road the Grande Canale square, every night is very lively racket. Originally, in the north of the square is the night market snacks street. Because of these snacks with local characteristics, so it has attracted a lot of stroll in the evening, or specially came to their customers.

food is good, but the only drawback is that the drinks, beverages and cigarettes what are expensive in Sibbhult over, there are many consumers regret why not take some back, save money, more two dishes do not lose it. And then, just want to go out and buy at dead of night, and the shops are closed, the only way is to get out "money".

is located in the street, across the road from the hundred meters away there is a Jiangnan people shop. At the beginning, the boss Huang Chunlin because the morning to open the door at night, and did not find this opportunity. Every day as usual is to follow the prescribed order. This year before the mid autumn festival night, the boss forgot to put the mobile phone charger in the store, because the phone is dead, had to go to the store to get the charger. At that time because anxious to make a phone call, yellow boss on the phone connected to the charger on the power side, while on the phone to start up.

at this time, from outside the shop into the two or three young people, such as Huang boss after the phone, asked to know that they are in the opposite snack street consumption, specifically to buy drinks, the map is convenient and cheap here. Then, a man holding a box of beer, took a few packs of cigarettes away. To the store to get a charger, do a few business. The shrewd boss Huang may be playing a small abacus. So many people come here, why not take advantage of this resource? Anyway, I can’t sleep at night, watching TV at home.

why not put this resource utilization to open a nightclub? In this pondering Kung Fu, Huang boss did a few business. This is more determined by the idea of yellow boss. Thus, the home is not back, just stay in the store, has been kept up to twelve points late at night. Finally add up, so keep a few hours to catch up with normal turnover of the day, this kind of goods sold, tobacco, wine, drinks accounted for more than eighty percent of the goods, but the profits are very substantial goods.

tasted the sweetness of the Yellow boss, then can play the wrong card. Dedicated to the operation of the night market shops. Through a period of running in, Huang boss here at night shops have become more aware of the surrounding consumers of the night market shops, as Huang

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