Ali fully open VR strategic Ma greater ambition than Tencent

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wisdom things March 17th news, this afternoon, Alibaba announced the establishment of VR (virtual reality) laboratory, and for the first time disclosed the group VR strategy. This is the BAT three giants, following Tencent, Ali’s first comprehensive public VR strategy.

Alibaba VR strategic core in these areas:

1, promote VR shopping business model.


‘s collaborative pictures, music, video website development VR content.

3, with VR business ecosystem, boost the popularity of VR hardware.

4, by investing in Magic Leap and other companies planning AR layout.

its official description of the public, Ali will play a platform advantage, and simultaneously promote the cultivation of VR content and hardware incubation. In terms of content, Ali has launched a comprehensive Buy+ plan to lead the future shopping experience, and will work under the banner of the pictures, music and video website, promote quality content output VR. On the hardware side, Ali will rely on the world’s largest electricity supplier platform to build VR business ecosystem, accelerate the popularity of VR devices, help hardware manufacturers."

was the first comprehensive interpretation of wisdom in the Tencent VR strategy, with the "no less than the next WeChat" (described in the wisdom that public number [] reply "Tencent VR" view in this paper), now it seems that Ali’s more ambitious.

specific look at several major aspects:

a, Ali creator God plans to build the world’s largest 3D

Ali VR laboratory’s internal code named GM Lab, the full name of GnomeMagic Lab was inspired by World of Warcraft excel invention goblin family. Laboratory by Ali wireless, kernel, performance architecture, and other fields of technology leaders presided over, committed to cutting-edge technology research and product exploration. In the field of VR, the laboratory will focus the future Polish shopping experience, and combined with ALI Ali pictures, music, Youku potatoes and other VR content output standard, improve the quality of VR output.

it is reported that the first project after the establishment of Ali VR laboratory is God of creation program, the goal is to establish the world’s largest joint merchant 3D library, accelerate the realization of the virtual world shopping experience. Ali engineer has completed hundreds of highly sophisticated commercial model, the next step will be for businesses to develop standardized tools to achieve fast batch 3D modeling, to "businesses will soon be able to provide users with shopping options VR.

VR technology for users to create immersive shopping experience, perhaps in the near future, sitting at home can go to New York Fifth Avenue shopping." One of the core members of the laboratory, said Zhao Haiping, Ali will continue to put into the building >

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