2009 online shopping has become an important way of life

with the rapid development of online shopping market, more and more people participate in online shopping market, online shopping population is becoming more and more popular, online shopping is quietly become an important new era of life of the people.

days ago, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2009 Chinese network shopping Market Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). Data show that as of June 2009, the size of China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 24 million 590 thousand people, an annual growth rate of 38.9%. Online shopping market in the past two years is not only not affected by the financial crisis, but the trend of rapid development. The author’s investigation found that in the city more and more consumers through the Internet online shopping, online shopping in the crowd, no longer confined to the pursuit of fashion 80, 90 young people, middle-aged people and has expanded to include all sectors of society.

new era of shopping, lifestyle

economics, Jinan University, Dr. Zhao told the author that he had 5 years ago, has come into contact with the emerging online shopping. The rise of online shopping is closely related to the development of social economy, the popularization of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standard." Dr. Zhao said, first of all, with the development of economy, the consumer’s purchasing power increased, the demand for the goods is more and more high; secondly, the popularity of computer and network, providing favorable conditions for online shopping more and more people; thirdly, the rhythm of modern life more and more quickly, people’s living standards continue to improve, online shopping convenient for busy people have a strong attraction. In addition, online shopping is more obvious than the traditional way of shopping. The ability of young people to accept new things, follow the trend of the times, so online shopping in the first group of young people, the rapid popularization, more and more businesses have begun to choose the "store + store network" composite channel marketing.

online shopping everywhere

interview, I found that most of the city’s young people have online shopping experience. In the Development Zone, a large Sino foreign joint venture to work in the administrative department of Miss Dai, is a full online shopping fans, the history of its online shopping has 3, 4 years, but also more and more online shopping costs.

since December, I spent more than and 500 online shopping, online shopping costs over the past year, seven thousand yuan should be no problem." Miss Dai told reporters that their online shopping items, including jewelry, cosmetics, skin care products, such as tableware, bedding, toys, books of everyday goods, some small food, in addition, electrical products such as mobile phone, humidifier also bought. Miss Dai also told the author, in the same unit as she has a lot of people who love online shopping, young people are the main force, as well as some middle-aged people have gradually joined the ranks of online shopping.

Qin teacher and the author of

in known work about online shopping experience when excitedly said: "as early as the beginning of the year before, I love online shopping. Taobao.com is my favorite, so many dazzling baby, as if it were raining flowers comments, like a fake, no matter how can.

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