VANCL network promotion techniques simple analysis

VANCL (Eslite) brand apparel e-commerce website Chinese largest, reported 2010 sales reached about about 2000000000, so what is the strength that makes him a few years to such a degree, remember to promote responsible person said they note on VANCL Internet together in an interview, put in the Internet advertising accounted for more than they the total revenue of sixty percent, in the promotion of Internet has a great effect on the, they are how to carry out network promotion today, Xiao Yang in which to see their own, do a simple analysis, it is ugly, I hope you do not despise.

one, online media advertising


This is the website of Sohu

in advertising, but often it is not difficult to find, there are ads in VANCL major media portals, of course this is requires a lot of financial support.

two, search engine optimization (SEO)

I believe I do not have to say, we should all know, many are in the search keywords Eslite ranking, website design and code also has the search engine optimization.

three, search engine promotion network alliance (SEM)



either Baidu or Google promotion, we can see where the customer has to do, of course, this promotion in the network is more common approach, we believe that some have tried.

four, email marketing


registered users believe that every guest friends have received the mail, where the customer marketing is doing well, such as mail theme ads (AD) label, product details (topics include product name, price, etc.) the important marking of mail, email marketing believe many of my friends are doing. But do we will consider this promotion user experience should be less and less.

five, network media news promotion


use the network media reports to enhance the brand and influence, so that users can increase the trust of products and websites.

six, network advertising alliance


has been in a number of Eslite online advertising alliance platform advertising CPS CPS refers to the expenses according to the sales of advertising, so many personal Adsense on their website launched in the advertisement.

seven, website distribution alliance

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