Biography Baidu’s acquisition of a wholly owned class network valuation of nearly 30 million

biography Baidu wholly acquired class network valuation of nearly $30 million

[TechWeb] reported on August 6th, according to sources, Baidu has acquired a wholly owned network. TechWeb the first time to call Baidu and pass class network expressed no comment on this message.

according to reports, this is the prequel to the progress of a new investment pass class network. At present, the network has been transferred to all staff in Haidian District last week, Baidu office located on the ground.

it is reported that the acquisition of Baidu’s wholly acquired class network, valued at nearly $30 million, the main focus on the acquisition of the content of the course network K12 education and online education technology advantages.

at present, the network has been integrated into the class Baidu online education business degree school, adding online course sharing platform content. While Baidu is the flow of the network to bring class advantages, as well as the next line of educational institutions resources.

in February 27th this year, "Baidu pass class spelling domain name has been registered, but the domain name information is hidden and the protection of investors, the managers or Baidu.

transmission network was established in 2011, is an online course sharing platform, with a closed loop system from the content, curriculum, interactive and trading.

previously, pass class won the amoeba capital and K2 angel investment fund; Bertelsmann millions of dollars A round of investment; Baidu’s $10 million B round of investment.

Baidu O2O focus on online education market, Baidu has acquired education and training institutions Wan Xue education, mainly through the provision of keyword search for its diversion.

Baidu O2O education and online education business tentacles had been widely, and a number of companies to invest in the negotiations, including the Shanghai river network, Jing gifted net, but tend to Baidu holdings and wholly acquired. (red)

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